Gear Review – King Cage Behold Tool Pouch

by Andy Amick on February 27, 2012

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The King Cage pouch is a great idea.  It allows you to carry your tube and tools on the frame instead of in a seat bag.  And it does this without forcing you to choose between the pouch or a water bottle cage.  After the Behold Pouch is attached to one of the frame’s water bottle mounts, a water bottle cage fits on top of the cage for the Behold Pouch.  All King Cage products are made in Durango, CO from USA sourced materials.


The pouch is designed for road tubes and possibly cross tubes, but it will not fit a mountain bike tube.  The King Cage Behold Pouch could be used for bikepacking if you wanted to carry some tools or other items on the frame.  Again, it won’t hold a mountain bike tube, but it would hold repair tools or small items that you may want to store on the frame.



Materials – Cage is stainless steel.  Pouch is a very sturdy ballistic nylon

Size – 6.75″ x 3.25″ x 1.25″ for the cage and pouch

Weight – Cage is 57 grams and the bag is 37 grams

Cost – $35.00.  Price includes the tool pouch and pouch cage, but does not include a water bottle cage.  You use your existing water bottle cage



King Cage Behold Pouch mounted on a road bike

First mount the Behold cage to the frame.  Then mount your bottle cage to the Behold cage.  After the cages are mounted, the pouch slides into the Behold cage.  This can be a tight fit when a tube and tools are packed in the pouch, but take your time and it will slide into place.


What fits in it?

The pouch is designed to hold a road bike tube, CO2 cartridge, tire level and small tools.  It will not hold a mountain bike tube.


Where To Buy

KingCage – Also offer Ti cages and even Ti tire levers, all at reasonable prices.

Tallac Design – Carry other nylon and vinyl pouches that mount to the stem, seat post and frame.

Local Bike Shop – I purchased mine from Alpha Bicycle Company in Centennial, CO


Overall Rating

Five star rating for the King Cage Behold Pouch - a simple and elegant idea


5 stars.  This product definitely gets the top rating because it works, it’s simple, and King Cage thought outside the box to come up with a different type of product.  Plus it looks damn cool to ride a bike without a seat bag.  Make it a singlespeed bike and it has clean lines all the way around.

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