3 Ways To Carry Additional Water When Bikepacking

by Andy Amick on October 11, 2012

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Water pouches and bottles to carry additional water Ever need to carry additional water for dry stretches of trail or need a separate water container for treating water without contaminating your hydration pack?  Here are there lightweight and versatile options.  All three of these containers are made with thick plastic and are fee standing when filled.

Sure, an extra water bottle or empty Gatorade bottle could work, but that’s no fun to carry around.  Plus, these flexible bottles/pouches can be rolled up to reduce bulk when not being used.

A huge thank you to Kurt Refsnider for sharing this tip on the extras of “Reveal The Path“.  Kurt’s video rundown of his Tour Divide gear contains some excellent information on how to pack and what to bring for bikepacking.

Platypus 1 Liter Platy SoftBottle

Platypus 1 liter Platy Soft Bottle

Weight – 0.88oz.

Cost – $8.95

Closure – Screw cap

The 1L SoftBottle is the most comfortable bottle to carry when full.  It’s available in a screw top or a “hyper-flow” squeeze cap that works like a standard bike water bottle.  The SoftBottle is the slimmest of the three, and it could slide into a side pocket of a backpack when full.

Aqua Pouch 1 Liter

1 liter Aqua Pouch from Survival Resources

Weight – 0.58oz.

Cost -$5.95

Closure – Zip closure

The zip closure on the Aqua Pouch makes it the easiest of the containers to fill.  The pouch has two grommets at the top which can be used for attaching cord to make a carrying handle or attach to a pack.  This pouch is best used for treating and storing water to use around camp.  The zip closure may not stay closed as well as a screw top if it is stored in a frame bag or backpack during riding.

Platypus 2 Liter Platy Plus Bottle

Platypus Platy Plus 2L bottle

Weight – 1.31oz.

Cost – $12.95

Closure – Screw cap

The Platy Plus bottle is the largest of the three and still weighs just over an ounce.  It’s actually big enough to double as a pillow at night whether it’s full of water or “blown” up with air.  Combine this bottle with a 3L hydration pack for a full 5L of carrying capacity which should be enough to get through almost any dry section of trail.

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