TD14: Day 4 to Day 6

by Andy Amick on June 19, 2014

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Tour Divide 2014 guest post by Kristi.

Welcome, welcome to another Tour Divide update. I’m starting to feel like a broken record as I gather Andy’s pictures and notes on each day…it’s been cold, it’s been wet. Sometimes he is even walking his bike through snow. He’s had to buy new waterproof gloves and a new rain jacket, as the ones he brought were so soaked they weren’t doing the job anymore. He has been riding along with “Singlespeed Alice” and they have been making good time together.

When Andy described the first days of the Tour Divide and the challenges, I don’t think he was imagining conditions even close to those they are facing this year. Before he left, Andy was excited about the camping opportunities in Canada and Montana. In actuality, he has slept indoors each night so far. But he has felt it was more important to get indoors and dry his clothes out for a fresh start the next day, instead of beginning the morning cold, wet, and miserable. He’s hoping the weather will start drying out in Day 7 and he can enjoy the outdoors a bit more as originally planned for this journey.

I had this post all ready to go, and was going to end this update here, but I posted something on my facebook page today which I’d like to share with all of you Pale Spruce readers as well.

I have to tell you guys, I’ve been following a forum thread on for the Tour Divide race. Some people on there are intimately following the race from home like you would a sporting event on TV, providing commentary. But the most heartwarming piece on this board has been a poster named Angler and the town of Ovando.

Ovando is a small town of about 50 residents, but a huge stop for these cyclists. Angler gets a picture of each cyclist and posts them to the forum, with an update on each one. The residents are so hospitable, making sure each cyclist gets a chance to sit, rest, eat, and talk (and this year dry out!). The town welcomes them all, and I can tell you that they truly refreshed Andy’s spirits after a long wet road in. I happened to post a note on the thread about Andy, and Angler even copied it to a board for him to see when he rode into town. Some cyclists spend the night, and some hit the road to the next destination. I think they all leave with a fuller heart. Thank you, Ovando.

Below you will find recaps for Day 4 through Day 6. Until we meet again. Allons-y!

Tour Divide Day 4: Whitefish to Holland Lake
117 miles

16 June 2014

Andy continued on in the rain and cold, making it to the Holland Lake Lodge for an evening of comfort and delicious food. Along the way he did see a rare few hours of sunshine before getting soaked again for the day.

1. Andy gets a morning coffee and calls in from Columbia Falls

2. “Tour Divide day 4 – a few hours of clear sky and lots of water running down the mountains #tourdivide”

Tour Divide Day 5: Holland Lake to Lincoln
101 miles

17 June 2014

It was another tough day to get miles in. Andy had to walk his bike through the snow, and was soaked in the rain. Today he did get to pass through Ovando, a small town along the route with a big heart. He was met with warmth and friendliness, they even passed along a message to him from me! He enjoyed a good meal and rested a bit before continuing on his way. After Ovando, Andy was able to hit his stride through the end of the day and ride into Lincoln.

1. Andy calls in from Lincoln

2. Andy entering Ovando. This picture was taken by one of the nice townspeople (“Angler”) and posted to a forum on
Jun 17 Andy Amick 002

2. “Tour Divide day 5 – snow falling down on Richmond Pass. My thought while slogging through this was ‘this is stupid.’ Luckily the weather got better in the afternoon #tourdivide”

3. “Tour Divide day 5 – finally got some sunshine and was able to see the Montana vistas #tourdivide”

Tour Divide Day 6: Lincoln to Helena
66 miles
18 June 2014

The morning started out fairly nice, but by afternoon the storms were rolling back in. Andy opted for an easy day and stopped early in Helena. He is hoping to make up some lost time and mileage on Day 7 when the weather is predicted to be nicer.

1. “Tour Divide day 6 – Montana wildflowers and three passes for the day #tourdivide”

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