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Refill - Explorer
Refill - Explorer
Refill for single use items in the Explorer kit.
Price: $16.00

The Explorer Refill contains items that after normal use will need to be replaced.  Quantities in the refill are the same as the original Explorer kit.  The refill does not contain replacement sunscreen, toothpaste, or chamois cream.

Refill Contents

First Aid

(5)    Bandages – 1″x3″

(2)    Bandages – knuckle

(4)    Bandages – butterfly closures

(4)    Antiseptic wipes

(4)    2″ x 2″ gauze pads

(4)    Triple Antibiotic ointment single use packets

(8)    Ibuprofen 200mg tablets (in packets of 2)

(4)    Antihistamine (Diphen) 25mg tablets

(4)    Antacid tablets (in packets of 2)

(4)    Electrolyte tablets (in packets of 2)

(2)    Blister treatment – The StayOutThere uses Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister pads because we have found they stay in place for longer periods of time than traditional moleskin blister treatments.  They will stay in place through rain, walking, and even a shower.  Put it on and you don’t have to worry about it until you get home.

Personal Care

(1)    SPF 15 Lip Balm

(3)    Micro towel – expands to 8″x10″ when moistened with a small amount of water.  The towels can be used as gauze pads if you need something larger than a bandage.

(2)    DEET free insect repellent towelettes

(2)    Toilet paper packet – this is MRE style toilet paper and it is the perfect size for a small kit

Emergency Gear

(1)    Duct tape (18″)

(1)    Super glue – single use tube for gear repair or wound closure