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Explorer Safety Kit
Explorer Safety Kit
A complete first aid and personal care kit designed for multi day trips. The optional survival add-on contains firestarting, water treatment, cordage, and other items.
Price: $36.00

Everyone carries tools to fix bike problems on an overnight trip.  Now you can have all of your personal items ready to go too!  The Explorer kit is a minimalist kit with everything you need for a 1-3 night cycling trip.

The Explorer contains first aid, personal care, and emergency items in a small lightweight and waterproof bag.  All items are packaged in a 6″x9″ waterproof ALOKSAK bag.  It’s small size allows you to stash it into almost any hydration pack, bikepacking seat bag, pannier, or rack trunk.

The 6″x9″ ALOKSAK bag contains all of the included items and also has extra space to add an emergency energy gel, personal medication, knife, emergency blanket, lighter, or other small personal items without overstuffing the bag.  A knife is not part of this kit because most cyclists carry a multi tool that includes a simple knife.  If you have a favorite knife, feel free to add it to your personalized version of the kit.

Ideal Uses


Week long touring trips

S24O (Sub 24 hour overnight trips)


Weight – 8oz.

Packed Size – 6″x9″

Kit Contents

This video goes through all of the contents in the kit and the add on survival kit.  It’s long but there is a lot of stuff in the kit.  Please note that as of Nov 2013, the chamois cream packets are no longer included in the kit.  There is room to add your preferred chamois cream to the kit.

First Aid

(1)    ID Card

(5)    Bandages – 1″x3″

(2)    Bandages – knuckle

(4)    Bandages – butterfly closures

(4)    Antiseptic wipes

(4)    2″ x 2″ gauze pads

(4)    Triple Antibiotic ointment single use packets

(8)    Ibuprofen 200mg tablets (in packets of 2)

(4)    Antihistamine (Diphen) 25mg tablets

(4)    Antacid tablets (in packets of 2)

(4)    Electrolyte tablets (in packets of 2)

(2)    Blister treatment – The StayOutThere uses Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister pads because we have found they stay in place for longer periods of time than traditional moleskin blister treatments.  They will stay in place through rain, walking, and even a shower.  Put it on and you don’t have to worry about it until you get home.

Personal Care

(1)    SPF 30 sunscreen (1oz tube)

(1)    SPF 15 Lip Balm

(3)    Micro towel – expands to 8″x10″ when moistened with a small amount of water.  The towels can be used as gauze pads if you need something larger than a bandage.

(2)    DEET free insect repellent towelettes

(2)    Toilet paper packet – this is MRE style toilet paper and it is the perfect size for a small kit

(1)    Toothbrush with container keeps bristles clean and alleviates the need to trim down a regular sized toothbrush

(1)    Toothpaste – travel size

Emergency Gear

(1)    Duct tape (18″)

(1)    Whistle – small aluminum whistle

(1)    Razor blade – blade with folding handle for safety

(1)    LED light – small but very bright LED light with on/off switch and replaceable batteries

(1)    Super glue – single use tube for gear repair or wound closure

(2)    Safety pins

The standard kit contains a few basic survival items, but it does not contain a full set of survival gear.  For a full featured kit, include the add-on survival pack that contains fire starting, water purification, navigation, emergency paracord, and a signal mirror.  There are many versions and ideas on survival kits, so feel free to include your own items either with the add-on or as a complete replacement for the add-on survival pack.  Either way, please make sure you at least carry a way to start a fire (matches, lighter, firesteel, etc.)

Survival Add-on Contents

(1)    4″x5″ ALOKSAK bag

(4)    Tinder Quik firestarting tabs – each tabs is waterproof, easy to light, and has a burn time of 2-3 minutes.

(1)    Mini Bic lighter – a regular lighter is suitable for a survival kit when properly protected.  The ALOKSAK bag provides this protection.  If you want a foolproof firestarted, the Ranger is simply the best firestarter around.

(1)    10ft. length of orange paracord – can be used for gear repair, tent guylines, or lashing items.  This is real paracord and it contains 7 inner strands that can be tied together for a total 70ft of cordage.

(4)    Katadyn Micropur water purification tablets

(1)    Emergency blanket (54″ x 82″) – the reflective mylar material can also be used as a signal mirror.

(1)    20mm button compass