TD14: Day 13 to Day 17

by Andy Amick on July 1, 2014

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Tour Divide 2014 guest post by Kristi.

First, my apologies for not having a post up sooner. There were a few nights Andy stopped in an area where he wasn’t able to upload photos. Then when he did upload photos, I did not have a chance to put it all together for you. Thus, I present to you a very long post to cover five days of riding. You know what that means…a few call-ins to catch up on, and many great pictures to enjoy.

Lessons learned from Andy over these five days:

  1. Andy needs coffee.
  2. I am beginning to suspect Andy may be part Hobbit…he really enjoys his breakfast. (And don’t forget second breakfast and elevensies.)
  3. When a mountain lion crosses your path, pedal faster.

Five days is a lot to cover, so without further ado…Allons-y!

Tour Divide Day 13: Somewhere in The Basin to Just North of Colorado
127 miles
25 June 2014

Andy made it out of The Basin! He planned well and had plenty of food and water. Whew. Another challenge behind him, and moving on to the next one. Today he also faced some road construction, but timed it right and avoided the closures.

1. Andy calls in from Rawlins with his view of The Basin.

2. “Tour Divide day 13 – sunrise view from under my tarp #tourdivide”

Tour Divide Day 14: Just North of Colorado to Somewhere in Northern Colorado (NoCO)
113 miles
26 June 2014

This was a tough update for me to title. He started the day in the middle of nowhere, and ended the day in the middle of nowhere. He did cross the state line, and was happy to be so close to home. Andy initially was really looking forward to riding through Aspen Alley. Turns out his favorite parts of the day were riding through the aspen at Slater Park and enjoying a nice breakfast. No surprise there. 😉

1. Andy calls in from Steamboat and talks about the construction, aspen, coffee, and (of course) breakfast.

2. “Tour Divide day 14 – enjoyed Wyoming but happy to be back in Colorado #tourdivide”

3. “Tour Divide day 14 – breakfast at Brush Mountain Lodge and lots and lots of coffee #tourdivide”

4. “Tour Divide day 14 – The views through Slater Park were simply amazing #tourdivide #nofilter”

5. Found this picture of Andy on Brush Mountain Lodge’s Facebook Page

Andy at Brush Mountain Lodge.

Andy at Brush Mountain Lodge.


Tour Divide Day 15: NoCO to Breckenridge
113 miles
27 June 2014

This was a tough riding day for Andy. His Achilles started to bother him again, and he had trouble with his left foot. He also had miscalculated the distance to Breckenridge and had more miles to cover than he thought. The beautiful views helped a little, but overall a tough day. He did have his first close encounter with wildlife – a mountain lion crossed his path on Lynx pass. (I have no idea how to spell this pass, my apologies if this is incorrect.)

1. “Tour Divide day 15 – wide open colorado views on the way towards Kremmling #tourdivide”

2. “Tour Divide day 15 – sunrise atop Lynx pass#tourdivide”

3. “Tour Divide day 15 – four days of sunscreen, dust, sweat, and mud make one a really dirty and smelly rider”

Tour Divide Day 16: Breckenridge to Hartsel
49 miles

28 June 2014

Andy decided to see a doctor about his foot – luckily, no infection. The doctor prescribed rest. Andy will fill that prescription…in about 1000 miles. He did rest a bit in Breckenridge, sticking around to eat a second breakfast at lunch. He rolled out of town at about 3:00 for a short day, just to keep the muscles moving.

1. Andy calls in from Breckenridge.

2. “Tour Divide day 16 – a short 50 mile day to Hartsel but great weather up Boreas Pass #tourdivide”

3. Andy hits the road again.

Andy rides down Main Street

Andy rides down Main Street

Tour Divide Day 17: Hartsel to Sargents
89 miles
29 June 2014

Andy took another “easy” day to try and give his foot some extra rest. After a good breakfast, he got back in the saddle and kept on riding. The good news? He’s now over 2/3 done with the mileage. Only 885 miles to go…

1. Andy calls in

1. “Tour Divide day 17 – a beautiful Colorado morning ride over to Salida #tourdivide”

2. “Your Divide day 17 – a windy ride up Marshall Pass but the view was well worth it #tourdivide”

3. “Tour Divide day 17 – got to stay in a tipi with a Kiwi rider#tourdivide”

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