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Palm sized tin packed with stormproof matches, Tinder Quik firestarters, paracord, razor blade, and compass.
Price: $7.00

Survival items for fire, navigation and gear repair are covered with this mini tin. Never get stranded without basic essentials.


  • One ounce
  • 2.375″ x 1.75″ x 0.5″ tin


  • One single edge razor blade
  • Four Tinder Quik fire starting waterproof tabs
  • Three heavy duty stormproof and waterproof matches
  • Five basic waterproof matches
  • Three-foot length of 275 paracord with 5 inner strands
  • One 20mm button compass
  • One Safety pin

At half the diameter of standard 550 paracord, the 275 cord contains 5 inner strands and provided plenty of cordage for gear repair or shelter needs.


Both the matches and the firestarter tabs provide a stormproof method to start a fire. Each Tinder Quik tab burns for 2-3 minutes. Each match burns for 15 seconds, even when wet or submerged in water.


This kit was designed to last years because none of the items expire. There are no medications or batteries to check before heading out on an adventure. It’s always ready for any situation.