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Kid's Safety Lanyard
Kid's Safety Lanyard
Contains the essentials to help keep your kids safe when they are enjoying the outdoors. The breakaway lanyard holds a waterproof ID tag, whistle, LED light, and multi-purpose storage capsule.
Price: $10.00

The Pale Spruce Safety Lanyard is designed to:

  • Teach kids the importance of being prepared when outdoors
  • Give parents a sense of comfort, knowing your child is prepared
  • Provide kids with basic essentials to assist them in an emergency


36″ breakaway lanyard

Plastic waterproof ID tag with write on surface

Aluminum whistle

LED light with switch and replaceable batteries

Multi-purpose storage capsule (can hold medicines, act as a “treasure box”, etc)

Sample ID Tag Contents

Child’s Name

Emergency contact numbers

Home phone


Medical conditions