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by Andy Amick on February 6, 2012

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There are a lot of cycling stories and articles posted each and every day.  Here are 3 that caught my eye during the month of January.  I’m a little late in posting these, but they are good articles and worth the read.

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This year’s bikepacking trip


This is a great idea for getting the family involved.  Bikewriter’s wife doesn’t bike, but she drives the car to the final destination and joins them for the camping.  Brilliant.



Ride Around The Santa Ritas (RATS)


Someone having this much cycling fun early in the year can make you jealous.  At least we can be jealous while looking at some wonderful scenery in the pictures.



Livin’ the dream won’t come easy


Makes me want to go out and ride and ride and ride.  They were able to pare down their possessions with a lot of work and take their dream cycling trip.


Maybe you’re stuck inside with the cold weather or haven’t had much motivation to get out and ride.  Hopefully one or all of these will give you a little kick to get out there and have some cycling fun.

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