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by Andy Amick on April 27, 2012

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Links from around the web

Happy Friday.  No need to stay here.  Go explore a few of the articles and products that I have run across this week.

Hans Bagworks – Wallets made out of re-purposed Adventure Cycling maps.  Great idea and the map material is very sturdy.

Our “No Cotton” Philosopy – This post from Mountain Mama details how they layer for outdoor activities – both adults and kids are covered and there is a strong love for wool.  Who can deny the coziness and performance of woool in the outdoors?

Ultralight: State of the Revolution – Part 1 – This is the first in a series of posts from Six Moon Designs that talks about the Ultralight cottage industry and how it is still progressing.

Pack Makeover – Boy Scout Edition – Part 1 – This video from Gossamer Gear show how they are lightening up a traditional pack to save quite a bit of weight.  If you are new to ultralight camping, this is a good video to watch.  Even if you have been moving towards ultralight, you still might pick up a tip or two from the video.

Finally, a parenting and life lesson from Pam Slim – Calling on your inner badass to step up to the plate – This one is not cycling or camping related, but it still a good read, and it reminds us that sometimes a little badass is just what the doctor ordered.

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