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by Andy Amick on June 12, 2012

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Cover Your Ass with chamois cream

Nothing here about sheltering your pack animal with a small tarp when camping.

And nope, it’s not about how to be a corporate CYA master in less time either (just do your job and that won’t matter anyway).

It’s all about chamois cream.  Ah, the wonderful world of chamois cream!  If you’re thinking the rest of the post will be about butt jokes, sorry, there are none.  Feel free to tell your own in your head as you read.

Friction Freedom - great chamois cream at a great price.

As mentioned before, the Friction Freedom chamois cream available in the store is a great product.  It’s now 50% off in both the large 8oz jar and the individual packets.


Compare the Friction Freedom jar to Assos Chamois Cream Jar and you’ll get 2/3 more cream for 2/3 the price of Assos.  Not only that, Friction Freedom is anti-microbial, paraben-free, and made in the USA.


With the long summer days comes longer rides.  A sore uncomfortable butt makes for a very cranky and unhappy cyclist.  For a multi-hour ride or a multi-day event, chamois cream is a must.


When bikepacking, the packets are ideal because they are small enough to store anywhere and each packet will last 1 or 2 days.  If there is access to a car or support vehicle, the jar is better because you can use as much as you need.


Either way, get some chamois cream and enjoy your rides with a happy butt.

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